Curry scrambled eggs

Is your fried egg getting boring and boring to be eaten? Hold up, I got you covered. Insert curried scrambled eggs.


This is simple and easy to make, ready in just a few minutes to be consumed by you.

Serves: 1                                                    Cooking and preparation time: 12 minutes maximum

1½ tablespoon oil
1 garlic minced
½ medium sized onion chopped
1 tomato
½ medium sized green bell pepper chopped
¼ teaspoon white pepper powder
½ teaspoon curry powder
2 eggs
Salt to taste
1. Whisk eggs and salt together, put aside.
2. Heat oil till simmering.
3. Add garlic stirring till fragrance.
4. Add onions and bell pepper, stirring till softened.
5. Add tomatoes, stirring for about a minute.
6. Add curry powder and white pepper powder and stir.
7. Add in eggs and gently stir till it cuddles breaking up bigger lumps.
8. Allow to it to be on fire for about two minutes then serve.

Serve with lightly toasted bread
*If you want dried scrambled eggs, make sure you take out the jell from the tomatoes and let it simmer longer.



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